Moderate current: We start by briefly reviewing the beginner class and then move into next level SUP techniques, such as cross-bow turns and paddling in waters with stronger currents. We focus on stroke technique & efficiency to help maximize each stroke, allowing for less fatigue and longer, more enjoyable SUP adventures. (Ask about our package deals.)


BEGINNER LESSONS                        $75 PER LESSON
Protected water, light current: We start on dry land discussing water safety, SUP etiquette, correct paddle handling, and how to safely get on and off of the board. We then move to the water where we will practice paddling, standing-up, turning the board, and self-rescue techniques. We will  finish with a tour of the area before paddling back to land. (Ask about our package deals.)

Paddleboarding is not just great for fitness but is also a fantastic way to explore Miami's beautiful waterways! Our boards and equipment are ideal for all ages & fitness levels, can accommodate for tandem paddles with children and are also great for paddling with your dog! We welcome and encourage everyone to try paddleboarding at least once, if not more! Although it can be challenging, we assure you, almost anyone can learn to paddleboard, so book your reservation today and let us show you how!  All of our rentals include a safety leash, adjustable paddle, personal flotation device (PFD), safety whistle and board bungees. Children are considered to be 12-years-old and younger, minors are 17-years-old and younger, and adults are 18-years-old and older. All paddlers are required to read and sign a liability release form prior to mounting the paddleboards or participating in any activities or tours. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to helping you book your adventure today!


All lessons include: PaddleFit Pro certified instructor, 15-minute land instruction, 30-minute water instruction, 45-minute guided tour and all equipment.

We look forward to getting you on a paddleboard and out on the water today!