We love teaching people to paddleboard and showing the versatility of what you can do on a board. No matter your age or your fitness level, we believe anyone can learn to paddle. We share our customers' passion for active living, the outdoors and the water. We pride ourselves on making our clients feel comfortable in their surroundings, making sure they are safe and having a great time.  Let us show you that you CAN paddleboard. If you're serious about being on the water, we're serious about getting you there. 



"This was my first paddle boarding experience and it won't be my last. Paddle South Florida exceeded my expectations. The staff was very helpful and patient with me. As a first time paddle boarder they instructed me every step of the way. They never laughed at me or looked down at my very little experience. They coached me and encouraged me the whole time. Paddle South Florida also worked around my schedule, and made me feel like a tourist in my own backyard. The cost of the excursion was well worth it, and I will be using Paddle South Florida time and time again. Great job and keep up the good work." - Brian D.

"Great service, quality equipment and knowledgeable staff. Thank you for a great experience!" - Patricia O.

"Although, I have paddle-boarded several times before but I am not very good at it. Tracy and Josh were very patient with me as I continued to make circles on my board (and enjoyed it ;-P). I could definitely see an improvement on my paddling by the end of our session.  I really enjoyed the location recommended by Tracy and Josh as we were able to get a different perspective on one of Miami's historical homes, the Deering Estate. The water was crystal clear and we were able to enjoy some awesome wild life. I would definitely use Paddle South Florida for my future paddle-boarding needs!' - Amanda M.

"Such an awesome day :) the most patient and helpful duo for beginners! Thank you again for all you did. We loved it!" - Danielle D.

Fearlessly committed to fitness

The FC2Fitness crew are inspired by the many who entrust us to lead, walk, run, bike, crawl, swim, lift, bench or just glide beside them on their own Fearlessly Committed 2 Fitness journey.

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Karen Kennedy is Fearlessly Committed 2 Fitness leading others in the pursuit of self-excellence to reform their health, get phenomenally fit and stay fearlessly committed to keep moving physically in the direction of their dreams. #beDynamic. #liveKinetic.

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About our founders


As Miami natives, Josh and Tracy Kohn know that one of the best ways to explore the hidden beauty of this magical city is by water. We also know spending time on the water is one way to stay cool in the year-round Miami heat. Our tropical weather and extensive waterways make Miami the perfect city to enjoy an endless summer. We invest hours on the water researching new locations and improving our own techniques to better help serve our clients.



As certified PaddleFit Pro Coaches, we believe wholeheartedly that the "number one guiding principle is to teach people how to paddle correctly first. When we accomplish that we will limit the number of injuries and lay the foundation for our clients to carve out their SUP and fitness path.”

  - Brody Welte, PaddleFit founder

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